Children are naturally creative, and it is usually easier for them to draw a picture or create a sculpture rather than answering questions directly in traditional "talk" therapy. They may be reluctant or have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts and feelings.  Creating artwork is a non-threatening way of allowing children to work through various issues. Talking to children about their artwork opens the door to a discussion in a less frightening manner. This helps the Art Therapist to get to the heart of the problem.

"Self" is what makes you, YOU...  A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others.  This transpires not only in personality, appearance and speech but in art as well.  Individual Art Therapy focuses on YOU and how you relate to the world around you.  Art enables you to express yourself, find yourself, create yourself, and at times, even lose yourself in the process.  Just like many of your other qualities and traits, your art is unique to you!

Family Art Therapy employs the same basics of creating art but is done with one or more family members.  Like individuals, families are also unique.  Therefore, family art therapy looks different for each family.  Some families work on individual art while in sessions together, while other families may work on a single project simultaneously.  Working together within a safe environment allows each family member to explore their role within the family system as well as gain insight as to how other members of the family may feel, perceive or witness one another, daily activities, and life events.